Martial arts Journey : Eat good feel good preform good

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Eat good feel good preform good !


Eat good, feel good and perform good!

Eating healthy becomes more of a chore then a day-to-day process or does it? In my personal life, I didn't start eating healthy until about 10 years ago and when I say healthy I mean not eating fast food (everything else was game). I've refined, refined and refined again what works best. I now have a formula that works for me and honestly I feel better throughout the day performance and productive wise. Dr. Mark Hyman, President of the Institute of Functional Medicine, states that "we need certain nutrients, enzymes and minerals in order to thrive! Keyword thrive not live. There is not one size that fits all, maybe you are vegan, vegetarian maybe, you are a Paleo eater. Finding out what works for you will boost your performance! Remember, treat your body like a Ferrari and it will perform like one! I want to know what works for you now. Which diet or eating habits make you feel optimal?