Martial arts Journey : Bi- lateral Hip resurfacing

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Bi- lateral Hip resurfacing


I'm  on my third day of recovery at NYU hospital. The past couple nights haven't had to best rest due to pain and noise in the hospital .The procedure was done by Dr. Marwin on May 1 at around 4pm. I've perviously had  labrum repairs and fai in both hips done at the  rothman institute two years ago on May1 2013. Since then I haven't gotten any relief due to thining to no cartilage in both hips. This blog will be about my personal hip resurfacing journey !

Week 1 I'd be lying right now if I said that this surgery hasn't been that bad and I'm just lounging around with my wife and family enjoying life until this resolve. It's extremely challenging to say the leaset especially when you get both done at the same time. Sleep happens sometimes and pain is always present no matter how many pills I take and sitting down is a battle. You get the drift it's some what horrible for now ! I will say pain has decreased about 2% each day since surgery so there is slight relieve. But what I'm learning most is your mind can be your best friend or a complete nagger about every little thing. Don't get me wrong things are as I want them but who has everything they want ? And if they do are they happy ? I'm gaining wisdom and decreasing pain slowly but steadily !

Week 2 

This weeks has been pretty decent sleep has been consistant with out pain interruptions and I'm walking a lot more. I'm having lower back pain on the left side which I belive will resolve after moving and stretching more. I Really advanced in physical therapy and can walk with one crutch also my pain has come down considerably I would say about 30% less pain than last week.I ice at least seven times a day 30 minutes on 30 minutes off Believe this is bringing the swelling down a lot I have my follow-up appointment next week on Wednesday with Dr. Marwin.


Week 3 

I had my 2 1/2 week follow up with Dr Marwin this past weds in NYC. I was a bit concerned about my process due to some clunking issues and my hips. My staples where removed from the wound by an assistant ( can't believe it didn't hurt) Also with some swelling and walking issues. Not only was it reconfirmed by Dr Marwin  that I'm doing more than great but when I saw other patients in the waiting room who had surgery the same as mine and with more recovery time I was doing twice as good as them! So after my appointment I walked a good amount and York and grab some lunch. I'm walking more now than ever and plan on driving next week. Also started outpatient physical therapy which is going well and have been sent home with at-home workouts! The work out are good and exhausting looking forward to jumping on in the pool and exercise bike next week! 


Week 4 

I'm now one month post op and I can truly say the pain has decreased substantially( far from completely but enough to walk and drive a decent amount. Out patient therapy is 3 times and week the exercise bike is incorporated now every time for 10 mins on low resistance. when not there I'm doing at home exercise.  I've also purchased some tools to help my recovery.

The rolling pin ( tigers tails I use to roll my quads and some IT band since there very tight) 

Lacross ball aka torcher ball I sit or lye  on and use as a Muslce releaser when needed

Stretch strap is Great! I don't have and restrictions or pre cautions besides and running or jumping so my PT has me using this on claves , hamstrings , and quads.

The green band is used for clam shells with back on ground ( pics next week)

And the orange flex tubing I used to work my upper body 3 times and week in a circuit ( more pics and videos next week). While my lower half is rehabbing I'll work what I can up top! 

Week 5 

This week is very similar to week4 going to therapy three times a week though my walking is getting better without my crutches. And I'm seeing small improvements in my range of motion and flexibility

Started taking fish oil which I think is helping with the inflammation 2 g a day

Also L glutamine to grams every other day

And eating very healthy as much as possible plenty of fruits vegetables and lean meats!

My right side seems sore deep in the inner groin area I go for another follow up wed June 17th


Week 7 I just saw my Surgeon this weds In NYC everything looks good on the inside ( left side is still a bit swollen ) and I'll begin  Pilates next week and yoga to test things out. My walking has gotten a ton better and wed in NYC I walked a total of plus 3 miles ! I foam rolled my legs and hips this week which helped loosen things up a bit. Therapy is still as followed 3 times a week with some self stretching and strengthening exercises. I'm seeing improvements! 

2 months! Wow I can't believe it's already been two months! Sleep has been a ton better even on my sides. In the past week I switched physical therapist due to past therapist not addressing my needs. I am now back at Robert Wood Johnson sports physical therapy in Princeton New Jersey and very happy! I'm going 2 times a week but I have an hour of manipulation and stretching and one hour of exercises that are sports specific. Walking is good but still not 100% still muscle instability , and my glutes aren't firing 100 percent yet. I haven't started Pilates or yoga yet due to not feeling comfortable. I'm going to stick with my physical therapy at home program and go from there! 


Week 9

This past week has been pretty great ! I went to therapy twice with Olympic rowing team physical therapist Marc Nowak. He extremely knowledgeable and functional muscle movements. The Exercises you seen below that her strength exercises I mostly concentrating on tightens my core and my pelvic floor its very important. Walking seems to be better not completely but sleep is also better. Range of motion is also getting better every week I'm really looking forward to getting a full recovery it looks like everything is on track

Week 10&11

Not much has change but a bit more of range of motion. I'm doing do extended core works along with some light strengthens exercises. The reason we are not solely on strength is because with out good range of motion it would be counterproductive.ive been to active lately and have been told the more I scale back the faster my muscles with recover! Sounds easy right !? I'll trust the Him he knows his stuff !


Month 3 

I just met with my docotor  weds May 29th and he said that everything looks great! 

Things are rolling ahead as planned slow but steady. I'll be posting some pictures this week that helped me with my core and stability. I'm getting stronger all around and walking seems to be easier 


Week 13 

Range of motion has improved a lot ! And I'm kicking ever so slowly but slow and steady wins the race . My muscles don't fatigue as quickly as before so my work load has increased a bit. Here are some stretching that helps losing up the hips 


In this stretch my back is as flat as possible while lightly pressing my knees apart 

Notice feet are together 



Stretch below is aimed at the inner thighs 

Notice how my full back is on the ground and below the waist it relaxed. ( spread legs as far as comfortable for 1 mins and repeat 2 times ) 


The cobra stretch 


In the picture below I'm pressing up through my hands and Completely! Relaxing my legs and lower back to stretch not only lower back but front hip flexors


Assisted band stretching for front hip flexor and mobility of the joint capsule.

By putting the band behind my right leg with decent tension it always the hips joint to glide for more range of motion 

Note Hip with band is relaxed

Back straight 

Hold for 45-60 seconds 

Press hip forward to feel more of a stretch 

Week 14 and 15 

Progression is going well ! Slow and steady wins the race I can throw some slow... kicks now and some knees in Muay Thai. Sitting crossed legged is still a challenge and to much walking causes muscles spasms but my gluteus are getting stronger which in turn gives me more stability. Next week I'll be posting leg strengthing exercises 


1 year and 2 months post op!! 

Wow I really never thought I'd get to this point I literally feel 90% better I don't have any pinching or electric feeling in my hip anymore I now own my own martial arts school and can train jujitsu almost 4 times a week not only is my hips feeling better but my legs are getting stronger by the month this is truly the best option I've done thus far! I'll be posting some more pics of rehab.. The book " the supple Lepard " has helped a ton ! Also mobility work outs also