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Jiu jitsu for Beginners


Jiu-jitsu for Beginners


It takes confidence to become a jiu jitsu master, but it only takes a spark to get you started on your way. This martial art is perfect for beginners, from adults looking for something new to the little four year old ninja wannabe at the front of the class. At Budo Martial Arts in  mercer county New Jersey we provide a safe and supportive environment for jiu jitsu beginners and those still finding their feet.

Jiu jitsu was created for a smaller person to hold their own confidently against a bigger stronger opponent, while keeping themselves safe. It is recommended for both genders and all ages. Learning a martial art like jiu jitsu has many benefits:

  • You can get a good workout and also build muscle in areas not used for regular daily activity
  • You will increase your agility, reflexes and balance
  • You learn problem-solving and skilfully thinking on your feet
  • You will make friends
  • Your confidence will increase both in the class and out
  • You will learn self-defence skills
  • You will have improved mental health and self-esteem
  • You learn how to face your fears and anxieties
  • You will learn humility, persistence and perseverance
  • You will have fun

Learning jiu jitsu in our newjersey studio has many additional benefits for young children on top of this. The emphasis here is not on winning or losing, but quite literally, how you play the game. Children learn discipline, respect for others, patience and commitment, and about the total wellbeing balance between mind, body and spirit. Children learn how to work hard and that effort can be rewarded, how to set goals and then move forward to achieve them. 

Our lessons are taught with excitement, energy and enthusiasm. As it is a contact sport and could be dangerous if done incorrectly, we instil in our students a knowledge of how to keep themselves and other safe. The moves they do are taught carefully and they are assured to get them right, using them correctly so no one gets hurt. 

If your child hasn’t done any organized sports before, or if he or she is having a problem with bullying or shyness, this may be a very good first step for you. It is instilled in the students that they are never to attack first, only protect themselves when they or someone else are in danger. The techniques that they learn teach them to take down an opponent, but not to hurt them. We have an extensive anti-bullying program that also teaches our students how to deal with confrontation verbally wherever possible, and only turning to jiu jitsu as a last resort.

The New Jersey jiu jitsu facility is clean, hygienic, and beautiful and the equipment and mats are new. It is heated and air conditioned for perfect temperature control and comfort for our students. The studio radiates a relaxed atmosphere and positive energy that you will feel from the moment you walk in.

We have been teaching these valuable skills for years. Our instructors are experts, and very enthusiastic about what they do. The number one priority in our dojo is to ensure the safety of each and every one of our students. Through jiu jitsu you can learn so much, and one last thing we can teach you is that you, and your family, deserve to be safe.